Getting Started With Home Decorating

whiskey river turquoise rug

The essence of décor is to add to a room and is a type of expression, almost comparably an art. Similar to the layout of a website, you want it to reflect you as a person and you want it to match and reflect the content being presented. The same goes for offices, homes, and waiting rooms, you want the decorations to add to the feeling of the room. Do you want it to be comfy and cozy or cold and modern? The only way you can transform a plain room into something different is with decorations.

Decorations can be of all types. They can be cultural, plastic figures, art, furniture, and many more. Décor is so important because it as an expression of not only one’s self, but it can also reflect one’s culture. I live in a small cozy three-bedroom and two-bath log cabin home in rural Hawai’i. Being a Native Hawaiian and growing up as an active cultural practitioner, I possess a multitude of cultural objects. These objects have been used throughout my people’s history and are a method of keeping the culture alive and known to future generations. They hold purpose and stories and were collected by my grandparents and have become the décor of my home.

When I moved to college it was so foreign walking into a cold and empty dorm room. Four plain white walls with nothing to make one feel comfortable. It was not a “home” but a mere place for me to sleep. As sad as it started to become, I saw it as a clean slate. Being indulged and surrounded by my culture was such a blessing, but it was also difficult because the décor I desired for my room did not match the rest of the house and did not feel right. So, when I walked into that plain old dorm room I saw an opportunity to express my self and my culture through decorations. I had stuff shipped from home and bought a few things from Walmart which allowed me to create a home away from home. Without décor, I do not know what my college experience would have been like and that is why décor matters to me.

One day my mother and I were driving down our street and noticed a couch with a sign that read, “FREE” on it.  I was 7 years old and we were preparing to leave our home for a home that was brand new and in a neighborhood that was only described as “better” than where we were.  The couch didn’t look like much.  As a matter of fact, it was just a thin wooden frame.  But my mother saw something.  She saw our future.  She saw progress.  She saw something better than what we had and she decided to take the couch home.

My mother wasn’t much of a sower but she began to beautify that couch by creating beautiful cushions for it.  We went to Joanne Fabrics and bought a lovely floral print fabric.  To accentuate the fabric we also bought beautiful navy blue and teal-green fabrics.  We also bought a huge cushion for the seat of the couch, 4 big pillows, and 2 little throw pillows.  She created an entire couch just built off of the frame.

When we finally moved into our new home my mother had finished her couch.  Lovely floral with splashes of blue and green.  We had unpacked all of dressers, clothes, toys, pots, pans, and anything else that we felt worthy to bring into the new home.  The very last thing to come into our new home was the couch.  Floral prints, with blue and green accents were the last things to fit into the space.  As I watched my mother settle into her new home and her new couch I was able to realize how important one detail can make in a person’s life.  We found that couch on the side of the road and made it a part of our history.  We decorated the rest of the living room to fit that one piece of discarded furniture and my mother felt at home because of it.  It was then that I realized the importance of décor.


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